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Pay attention to the needs of your skin

No mat­ter how young or old your skin is, whe­ther it is sen­si­ti­ve and reacts quick­ly to irri­ta­ti­ons or is pro­ne to dry­ness and impu­ri­ties –  her­bal ingre­di­ents gent­ly balan­ce the skin, nou­rish it with valuable mois­tu­re, sup­port cell rege­ne­ra­ti­on, impro­ve its resis­tance and ela­s­ti­ci­ty and effec­tively pre­vent fine lines and wrinkles.

High-qua­li­ty natu­ral Bela Skin cos­me­tics pro­vi­de the skin with excep­tio­nal vel­ve­ty soft­ness and lea­ve the body and skin extra­or­di­na­ri­ly nou­ris­hed. The skin com­ple­xi­on looks more firm, vital and radi­ant­ly beau­tiful. For a won­derful fee­ling in your own skin.

Dis­co­ver the right Bela Skin pro­ducts for your per­so­nal skin needs.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is a com­mon con­di­ti­on and some peo­p­le are more pro­ne to it than others. Dry skin pro­du­ces not enough sebum and can’t retain it – the result is dry­ness and flack­ing of the skin.

This type needs a skin care pro­duct that gives the skin enough moisture.

Dry skin occurs when skin cells don’t con­tain enough mois­tu­re and can­not crea­te a hydro­li­pid film – this hydro­li­pid film is a thin pro­tec­ti­ve lay­er on the skin sur­face con­sis­ting of a mix­tu­re of water and natu­ral oils (lipids) and it acts as a natu­ral bar­ri­er against harmful exter­nal influences.

The most com­mon signs of dry skin are:
Ten­si­on, rough­ness, red­ness, itching, crack­ing of the skin, thin, white, dry lines.

The first step in res­to­ring the soft­ness and sup­p­le­ness of the skin is to pre­vent mois­tu­re loss.

Oily Skin

The term “oily” is used to descri­be a skin type with increased sebum. Exces­si­ve sebum pro­duc­tion is known as seborrhea.

This exces­si­ve sebum pro­duc­tion easi­ly leads to clog­ged pores. Which often results in the appearance of black­heads, pimp­les and dark spots.

You can reco­gni­ze oily skin by the fol­lo­wing signs:

The skin com­ple­xi­on looks „oily“, with an oily glow and enlar­ged pores are also visi­ble. After cle­an­sing, the skin initi­al­ly feels dry, but then quick­ly beco­mes “oily”.

Pro­per care is espe­ci­al­ly important for this skin type, which you must pay atten­ti­on to whe­ther the skin is more or less oily.

Less oily skin is nor­mal, espe­ci­al­ly in sum­mer, but dry in win­ter. This can be due to mois­tu­re pro­blems. It is often mista­ken­ly belie­ved that this skin type chan­ges with the sea­sons. It is assu­med that a per­son has oily skin in sum­mer and dry skin in win­ter, just becau­se the skin is oily in sum­mer and beco­mes dry in winter.

The pro­blem ari­ses when dry skin pro­ducts are appli­ed to oily skin.

Very oily skin will never be dry in eit­her sum­mer or win­ter. This skin type often seems to have an oily glow. 

The pores are often lar­ge and easi­ly visible.


Normal Skin

Nor­mal skin is balan­ced, uncom­pli­ca­ted and does not crea­te any problems.

The T‑zone (fore­head, chin and nose) may be a litt­le oily, but in gene­ral sebum pro­duc­tion and mois­tu­re are balan­ced, the skin beco­mes neither too oily nor too dry.

Cha­rac­te­ristics of nor­mal skin:

Fine pores, good blood cir­cu­la­ti­on, vel­ve­ty soft and smooth tex­tu­re, fresh, pink color of trans­pa­ren­cy, no sta­ins and it is not pro­ne to sensitivity.

Soft to the touch, ela­s­tic, not ten­se, nor­mal sebum pro­duc­tion, even in the T‑zone, wit­hout acne. 

The best way to nou­rish this skin type are with natu­ral acti­ve ingre­di­ents we find in Bela Skin pro­ducts, which con­sist of pure oils, vit­amins, extra­cts, anti­oxi­dants and other natu­ral skin loving ingredients.

Mature Skin

Matu­re skin has redu­ced ela­s­ti­ci­ty and is usual­ly thin and dry. Mus­cle ten­si­on decrea­ses, blood ves­sels beco­me visi­ble, skin imper­fec­tions and other skin pro­blems can occur.

Thin­ner skin and the appearance of hyper­pig­men­ta­ti­on, loss of glow and deepe­ning of wrink­les, and roug­her skin tex­tu­re are some of the signs of aging cau­sed by hor­mo­n­al chan­ges and loss of all tho­se ele­ments that once made the skin glow and firm.

Matu­re skin rege­ne­ra­tes more slow­ly over time, loses vita­li­ty and requi­res spe­cial care.

For this reason, regu­lar, inten­si­ve skin care is neces­sa­ry, as matu­re skin requi­res spe­cial attention.

Matu­re skin should be nur­tu­red with pro­ducts that nou­rish, revi­ta­li­ze and give it a youthful appearance.

With Bela Skin natu­ral cos­me­tics, it is pos­si­ble to „revi­ta­li­ze“ the skin and achie­ve a more radi­ant, fresh com­ple­xi­on at this spe­cial stage in life.

Pro­per care of matu­re skin means kee­ping the skin acti­ve and giving it a chan­ce to rege­ne­ra­te natu­ral­ly. The most suc­cessful are natu­ral pre­pa­ra­ti­ons that give the skin all the neces­sa­ry ingre­di­ents, and vita­li­ty at a later age.

Valuable ingre­di­ents from many natu­ral cold-pres­sed oils, herbs and essen­ti­al oils sup­port the skin’s natu­ral abili­ty to rege­ne­ra­te. The skin is not expo­sed to aggres­si­ve sub­s­tances that act only while used.

Combination Skin

Com­bi­na­ti­on skin has the cha­rac­te­ristics of two or more dif­fe­rent skin types.

Typi­cal­ly, com­bi­na­ti­on skin is when some parts of the face are dry, while the cen­ter of the face, nose, chin, and fore­head (also known as T‑zone) are oily. This skin type  can also descri­be a con­di­ti­on cha­rac­te­ri­zed by wrink­les, rosacea and dry skin.

Com­bi­na­ti­on skin features:

T‑zone (fore­head, chin and nose) are oily, enlar­ged pores in the area, pos­si­ble skin imper­fec­tions, nor­mal to dry cheeks.

Tre­at the T‑zone like oily skin. The goal is to redu­ce the shi­ny, oily appearance of the skin and pro­vi­de dry skin are­as with an extra dose of care to gent­ly bring the skin into balance.

Sensitive Skin

In der­ma­to­lo­gy, the term “sen­si­ti­ve skin” descri­bes signs such as ting­ling, sting­ing, and itching that can occur in respon­se to “trig­gers” such as tem­pe­ra­tu­re chan­ges, hard water, inap­pro­pria­te cos­me­tics, and more. In other words, the skin responds to harm­less sti­mu­la­ti­on with alarm signals.

Signs of sen­si­ti­ve facial skin can be:
Red­ness, rash, swel­ling, rough­ness, itching, bur­ning. Some­ti­mes the skin peels.

The skin that we can safe­ly call sen­si­ti­ve is the one that shows sym­ptoms of inflamm­a­ti­on, suf­fers from rosacea, urti­ca­ria and simi­lar skin conditions.

Bela Skin offers pro­ducts for the skin care and cle­an­sing spe­ci­al­ly for sen­si­ti­ve skin. It is exclu­si­ve­ly with pro­ducts that do not con­tain arti­fi­ci­al fra­gran­ces, dyes, sili­co­ne or alcohol.

Mild natu­ral soaps are recom­men­ded for skin cle­an­sing. After cle­an­sing, it is recom­men­ded to nou­rish the skin with a mois­tu­ri­zing cream or serum.

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